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Three short films using the Burston story

In the run up to 2014’s centenary commemorations, SERTUC worked with Alfemax Films to produce three short films using the Burston story to elaborate three key issues:

  1. the rural condition in 1914.
  2. the children’s action.
  3. and the importance of solidarity.

The films were launched to a trade union audience in the trade unions studies rooms at the Colchester Institute in Witham on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 in the presence of Curriculum Manager Rody Kickham and Trade Union Education Coordinator Mark Andrew

The three short films, along with tutors’ notes to enable a one hour training session, are available on the SERTUC resources site at

1. Rural Life

2. The Dispute

3. Solidarity


Burston Strike School Tutor Notes found in downloads.


OR via the following links:

  1. Rural Life
  1. The Dispute
  1. Solidarity