You are always welcome to visit the Strike School:

The Strike School is always publicly accessible to visitors.

On arriving at the school you will be able to park your car on the grass to the immediate right of the school (there the ground is reinforced). It is advisable not to park on the Green as this area is the responsibility of the Parish Council, and should the ground be soft through recent rains, there is a strong possibility of your vehicle becoming stuck.

When arriving; you turn off the old Diss Road that runs through the village of Burston, and onto a track that runs in front of the Strike School. A very short way beyond the school, at the end of the track, stands a privately owned bungalow.

Outside, and to the right of the front door of the bungalow hangs the key to the Strike School. Please take the key, spend whatever time you require looking around, and then lock up and return the key when you have finished.
The entrance to the Strike School is through the smaller side porch door, and not the double doors on the front of the building.

There is a visual representation of these instructions on the entrance door.

Should anyone in your group find the step up into the entrance difficult, or are a wheelchair user, then there is a portable ramp just inside the entrance which can be used.

There are two toilets in the back section of the school, though unfortunately due to the age of the building, neither are wheelchair accessible.

Occasionally larger organised groups do visit for talks and should you happen to visit when one is in progress, the trustees do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Strike School was built by public subscription, and for over 100 years has been maintained through public donations. Inside the school, and next to the merchandise table, is a donation box where any contribution would be gratefully received.

Finally, do please find a moment to write in the visitor’s book that sits on top of Annie Higdon’s desk.
Thank you for visiting.


Talks: It is also possible to arrange for a trustee or for Violet Potter’s niece Anne. M. May to visit your group or organisation to talk about the School Strike. For media organisations comment and copy can also be provided. If you are part of a group that would like to visit or be visited, please contact the Trustees on or through our contacts page.