Rally 2019

The Burston Strike School Rally 2019

(10.30am – 4pm)

Organised by Unite (L&E Region) with support from TUC LESE,  The Burston Strike School Trustees and Thompson Solicitors.

Join thousands at the rally on SUNDAY 1st SEPTEMEBER to commemorate the longest strike in history and to celebrate the people who continue to fight for Trade Union rights, working class education, democracy in the countryside and international solidarity.

Guest speakers already confirmed:

Sam Gurney LESE Regional Secretary

As speakers are confirmed details will follow here.

Live Entertainment already confirmed:

Red Flags (band)

As further entertainment I confirmed details will appear here:

Chaired by:

JoAnne Rust (Kings Lynn TUC/Unison) and TBA


The event is completely funded by trade unions which allows it to be FREE of any ticketing and charging (except for those wishing to have a campaign stall)

Any performer or potential volunteer wishing to become involved in the rally, or for general enquires please contact:

Unite – the Union

Add: 39 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1ES

Email: Carlene.Norman@unitetheunion.org

Tel: 01602 624052

Mobile: 07980 721440 (Miles Hubbard)

Rally 2019 – Transport ‘Coach News’

Watch this space!

Rally – Things to Know:

Car Parking:

The Rally (always held on the first Sunday in September) is situated on the Green in front of the Strike School.

The village Green is limited in size and so parking for the event has to be situated at a different (close-by) location. It is FREE to park.

The field used for parking is provided by a large local landowner, and the precise location of the parking rotates each year because of variability in the harvest and weather. It is not uncommon for the organisers of the Rally to only become aware of what field they have access to until a short time before the event. This means it is hard to circulate advance notice of the parking location.

If you are attending the Rally and using your sat-nav it is likely that you will be using the postcode of the Strike School. Although the School, and the Green both sit at the heart of the village, please do not drive to the Strike School with the intention of parking. Once you enter into the village, direction signs to the event car parking will be clearly visible.

PLEASE DO NOT park your vehicle anywhere other than at the designated parking sites. The continuing success of the Rally depends upon the support of the villagers and Parish Council. Inappropriate parking (such as on verges and in front of drives) is the number one cause of irritation amongst some residents to the presence of the Rally in their village. Please do not think that you are the exception to the rule and park wherever you feel. It is only helping to put the Rally’s long term future at risk.

Coach Parking:

Coaches and buses have parking at a different location, provided by BOCM – Pauls. This is situated opposite their Mill, a short distance up Mill Road (IP22 5TJ) . Again, on entering the village (close to the Strike School) you will see signs to direct you to its location. It is recommended that attendees of the event coming on coaches and buses disembark at the crossroads, before your vehicle turns up Mill Road.

Event stewards should be in position to provide assistance if necessary.

Disabled Parking:

Many people with disabilities (inc. wheelchair users) attend, and enjoy the Rally every year. The organisers do though appreciate the difficulties proposed by the necessary fact that the event parking cannot be next to the immediate location of the event. The Green, and the ground around the Strike School, is very limited in size and there is no possibility of Blue Badge parking at the venue.

The nearest possible location that the organisers can provide disabled parking; is on the playground of Burston Primary School (right hand side) or on the council car park (to the left hand side of the Primary School). Both though are limited in available space, and cannot be exclusively set aside for Blue Badge holders (although the organisers do erect disabled parking signs at their entrance). Once these parking areas are full, they do remain full for the entirety of the day.

If you suffer from a disability, and the field parking is an issue for you or a member of your party, please identify yourself to one of the stewarding team (at the Strike School or roadside) as they will try their best to accommodate your needs. It is possible that a lift to and from the car park can be arranged, or you could get out of your vehicle at the Green and a steward could go park your car etc.?


The organisers of the Rally provide adequate numbers of temporary toilets, including two disabled accessible facilities, at the event venue. Please do not attempt to use the two toilets inside the Strike School as for good reasons these have to be off-limit for the day.

Health Care:

A team from St. John’s Ambulance are present at the Rally in order to provide immediate emergency care in the event of an accident or other health condition unexpectedly arising.


Please respect the village, and the event, by not littering and taking home any waste with you for recycling.

Campaigning Stalls

The Strike Rally offers trade unions and other groups a great platform to promote their activities on one of the major days of the labour movement calendar.

Stall guidance notes

The Burston Strike School Rally is an increasing popular event in the labour movement calendar. Held on the village Green, in front of the Strike School. To help the event pass of successfully and without incident, the organisers kindly request all stallholders, to adhere to the following guidelines: